MPPS follows the Victorian Curriculum. It is based on the traditional disciplines, but within each of the subject areas there is also a focus on personal and social development as well as critical and creative thinking across the curriculum. Specialist and practical subjects are a great addition to our core curriculum.

We are proud to provide an environment where children feel safe to learn and develop through a broad range of learning opportunities and life experiences. Children have access to an enriched and progressive education. In all subjects, the lessons address the children’s wellbeing as well as their intellects – the programs are delivered creatively and cater for individual needs. The balance between physical, intellectual and aesthetic experiences within the life of the child is central to delivering an enriching, purposeful and living education for the students.  Our program acknowledges the academic as well as the artistic qualities as equally important in the successful education of the child and aims to develop active and informed members of society, capable of managing the interactions between themselves and their social, cultural and physical environments.