“Environmental Sustainability at Mornington Park Primary School empowers students and the school community with opportunities to make positive environmental changes by building global and local connections through active education.”


Excursion to our local creek to collect rubbish and water samples.

Excursion to our local creek to collect rubbish and water samples.

The Environmental Science Program at Mornington Park Primary School includes making use of local reserves and environmental features. Helping students build connections with their world at a local level builds a sense of security and brings a sense of depth and relevance.

Narambi Reserve is adjacent to Mornington Park Primary School and includes the Tanti Creek Wetlands. Tanti Creek flows from here through residential and urban areas, to meet the sea at Mills Beach Mornington.  Studies include research, experiential learning and experiments, and cover areas of Energy, Water, Waste and Biodiversity.

The Mornington Park Primary School Science Program incorporates classroom science, extension and leadership opportunities as well as whole school events.

Green Team

A lunch time club where interested students from classes 4-6 help make environmental contributions to our school. By researching environmental tips and local events to publicise in our school newspaper or helping organise whole school events, students help meet requirements for 5 Star Sustainability. The school has a Community Green Team where friends and families can become involved as well as regular meetings for a staff Science and Sustainability Learning Team.

Kids Teaching Kids Workshop Presenters – Leadership and Extension Opportunity

Students are selected for their leadership, public speaking ability or artistic talents. They work together to develop a workshop and present at an interschool conference where they also participate in other workshops and experiences. Students gain confidence, are empowered and inspired. There are mutual benefits of the group practising their workshop on classes in the school before the conference. In 2014, a group of students from grade 2-6, confidently presented an interactive workshop to students from other schools, at the Kids Teaching Kids Conference. They explaining impacts and causes of pollution in our local waterway and helped students to test water samples from the creek. With knowledge and dedication, the team linked the actions of people to the health of the waterway.  As explained by our school Environment Leader, “We had a good effect on exciting other students to be passionate about making a difference to wetlands and our precious world.”

I sea, I care

I Sea I Care

Rosie, the I Sea I Care Ambassador of the Year

Dolphin Ambassadors learn about catchments and sea life through excursions and workshops. They share their experiences and knowledge with the wider school community at assemblies and in the school newsletter. In 2014, senior student Rosie contributed in many ways to raising awareness about caring for waterways, seas and all wildlife. Her passion and dedication led to her being chosen as I sea, I care. Ambassador of the Year for the Mornington Peninsula region. She is proud of winning this award and, with all I sea, I care Ambassadors, pleased to have positively represented Mornington Park Primary School.

Resource Smart Schools Program

Mornington Park Primary School recently launched their participation in Resource Smart Schools to the school community. “Our school has so many sustainable initiatives that it made sense to be given recognition by being part of the Ceres run program,” explained Environmental Science teacher, Jo Dowell. The school is now more than one third of the way to being accredited as a 5 Star sustainable school. Mornington Park Primary empowers students by building global and local connections through active environmental education.

Whole School Events for 2015

MPPS events

Our whole school events connect to the local area to empower students and build a sense of connection as well as global initiatives that allow our school to be a part of the global community. Causes are supported over several years to build a feeling of connection and link to key areas of sustainability such as waste, water, energy and biodiversity.

Wrapper Wrap Up – Clean Up Australia Day for Schools

Clean Up

MPPS students cleaning up.

Mornington Park Primary School students took part in Clean Up Australia Day for Schools on Friday 27th February. Classes were given an area to tidy either in our school or in the local area with the focus on removing wrappers. All bags of rubbish found were displayed at assembly so students could see the collective difference they made. It was exciting for students to help make a positive impact on their environment. The Environment Captains, Monique Laidlaw and Jemiah Devis-Scott are working to continue the clean-up benefits the with regular School Pride afternoons. Monique stated, “It will keep our school clean and the environment healthy because there will be less rubbish to blow into the sea.”

 Switching off for Earth Hour

Along with people in 162 countries around the world, students at Mornington Park Primary School recently participated in Earth Hour.  All classes turned off all non-essential electrical items for an hour including lights and computers.  Students created interpretive signs encouraging energy and water conservation to use at home and throughout the school. “The signs will remind families to save energy and water at home too,” Monique explained.

Earth Hour is also a time to recognise the actions being taken to make positive changes. “Our school helps the environment with solar panels, water tanks and our vegie garden,” elaborates Mia.  “We keep our environment clean with School Pride Program and Nude Food Days, “adds Brianna. Even though it is a small school Mornington Park Primary School has strong parent support and strong links with the wider community. Weekly hot lunches often include produce from the school plot at Mornington Community Garden. At regular working bees, students, parents and staff plant native shrubs, mulch and are building a chicken house. The school has won awards in the Dolphin Research Institute, I sea, I care program and Mornington Park Primary School students proudly present at environmental conferences.

Student Reflection on Community Garden Visit

Community Garden Visit

A visit to the Community Garden.

Yesterday we went to the Community Gardens to plant in our class plot. Lila, Harriet, Jaz and I made our own snow pea frame. We planted the small light green snow peas. Then we went around to harvest from some of the share plots. We collected silver beet, chillies, celery and spinach.

Debbie took us around the gardens for a tour and it was fun! It was so nice to smell the flowers, lemon verbena and all the other smells. The garden is small but it feels like acres when you are in there! Debbie showed us a type of flower that if you break off the stem and suck it, it tastes like a lovely sour lemon.

We had to find and draw a garden critter. We found adorable slaters with stripes or patterns like a zebra. Jaz named hers Peggy. There is supposed to be a pond but it is rock hard, mud-dirt ground, with moss growing on it. We also saw a beautiful rosella!

My favourite bit was having a free play and my favourite place is the gypsy wagon. It has golden horses painted on the sides with such beauty! It almost felt like they would leap off the sides and run to the front of the wagon and drive it away! My friends and I played gypsies in it. Although it is being used a library, it is still me totally favourite place. I love the Community Garden and I always will! By Talia Apela 3/4S